Gaming In Reality

Our Services

Discover new and innovative business services beyond the traditional confines of CoWorking, QoLab breathes imagination and discovery back into CoWorking Spaces with our immersive and state-of-the-art PlaySpace and Micro-Labs; designed for Game Developers, Freelance Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators. Our Labs offer members 24/7 access to our open PlaySpace, Private Solo and Multiplayer Labs, Meeting and Exhibitor Space, fully-equipped Imagination Lab, and innovative test kitchen - The Lab.

Sponsorship Support
Business Services

Connect with our Financial Team and Partners to discover ways to increase investor interest and engagement.
Hosting Investor Events, Workshops, and One-on-One Pitch Support, let us help you plant the seeds of your next Venture.

Fully-Equipped Creative Space
Creative Services

Our Imagination Lab is a Creator's dream come true - 3D Printers, Sewing Machines, and more.
Work in a creative space that provides access to custom supplies and tools to activate your next creative Venture!

Gamification Solutions
Technology Services

QoLab is designed to help all business and non-profit sectors reach new heights with modern gaming technology.
As Innovators, we approach challenges with new solutions by emotionally engaging target markets using gaming.

Our Cosmic Mission

To use our ExP to tap into the ever evolving world of gaming and pop culture to provide an inspiring, collaborative and productive PlaySpace, for individuals or entities whom share our mission to Level Up Innovation.

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